Knowledge is Power

Two very different takes on the same rule.

Seth argues that each landing page is really just a ‘homepage’ for that specific visitor. If it doesn’t tell them what they want to hear, make them feel what they want to feel or seem like home, they won’t stick around long enough to give you another chance.

Combine that with the story of Michael Larson. You probably don’t know this one, but he found a pattern in the Press Your Luck game show and managed to win 10 times the normal prize payout.

The lesson to be learned is to look for a pattern in your traffic. If you know something about a certain segment of your site’s visitors, then customize your offering for them. Make the page they land on their new home on your site.

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1 Response to Knowledge is Power

  1. Interesting post. Since my blog is rather new I’ll take your advice to heart. Thanks!

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