Can’t Miss Event

Hey Next-

There is a new monthly event on the New York Tech scene that you really should check out. It is called the Hatchery and, as you probably can guess, it involves startups and young companies presenting their plans and their website. The difference is that the companies are showcasing their company to VCs, lawyers net gurus and other experts, not just other entrepreneurs. Companies are reviewed before they can present so only the best get through.

I’ve been to several events in the city and this has the perfect blend of formal presentation and laid back networking. If you are starting a business or looking to get in to the scene this is where to go. The next event is June 6th, Click to thewebsite for details –

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1 Response to Can’t Miss Event

  1. Joe Cascio says:

    Sounds like WebInno, the sort-of-monthly meeting of anyone involved in startups that’s held in Cambridge, Mass., hard by MIT. I’ve been to the last two meetings and both attracted well over 200 people, filling the large conference hall at the Royal Sonesta. Good times!

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