Serial and Cereal Entrepreneurs

I knew that someone had to have written this post, I’m just glad that I found it. I am hoping that someone relatively famous in the 2.0 world actually creates a cereal so we can all laugh. I’m already getting sick of reading the words “serial entrepreneur” so I hope this thought ends quickly, cereasly.
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Cereal EntrepreneurNo, I meant “cereal,” not “serial.”

Though I do tend to stretch the rules of grammar in order to get my point across, even I wouldn’t make that big of an error (maybe).

So what’s a cereal entrepreneur?

A lot of folks (including me) look to cereal as the old standby. Comfort food, that fills you up, and is easy to make. Even though I’m a foodie and love to cook, cereal is a way to get out of making anything fancy — or anything at all.

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