The absence of posts over the last few weeks can can only mean one thing, nice weather in NYC. Who wants to be cooped up in the office writing code or responding to emails when you can be in the sunshine? Work can slide a bit while you eat ice cream in the park.

Maybe you are one of those unfortunate souls that has to get work done, or you don’t want to push the launch date back to October. If that’s the case I may have the solution, UN45.

On Sunday I take care of the best parts of week – cleaning up my blogs, reading, brainstorming and pet projects. I do this on a very quiet and relaxing roof deck that gets some sun in the AM and afternoon. The best part ,you are invited.

If you’d like to come brainstorm, catch up with NY tech for the week or just ride out that hangover next to your laptop (WiFi is available and free) then drop me a comment and be sure that I can contact you.

UN45 starts “whenever” and lasts until Sopranos. My place is near Union Square and space is limited. This is totally informal and there is obviously no cost. It’s a great end/beginning to the week so don’t be shy and definitely don’t be lazy – summer’s to short.

(Actual View May Vary)

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4 Responses to Springtime

  1. Onika says:

    Excellent idea!

    I’m on semi-sabbatical through May but will definitely be joining you on that deck shortly after I return.


  2. Joe Cascio says:

    Wow, what a view!! Will put this on my “must do” list for next trip to NYC. Hope you don’t mind that I twittered the URL of the NextNY blog post of this. I have a few twitter friends in NYC that are all bloggers/vloggers who might see it and get in touch.

  3. mikesabat says:

    Hey Joe – (and everyone else)

    Just so we’re clear – this pic is from an image I grabbed of google. That is why it says “the actual view may vary”. I don’t think that I could get any work done if my roof looked like that – and I don’t even think that is a pic of NYC.

    That being said my deck is still decent, just not in that league.


  4. steve8004 says:


    How does one get in touch with you about UN45? I didn’t see an email address listed.

    Best Regards,
    Steve Eisenberg

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