HD DVD Hex Code Fiasco Explained

In case you heard the buzz going around the Internet, but aren’t sure what is happening. You see there is a whole movement going on called Web 2.0 – In theory it’s really cool, web sites are more open and honest and trust-worthy. The point of Web 2.0 is to start a community and grow traffic and trust.

A flagship sit eof Web 2.0 has been Digg.com. Digg is a aggregating site where the most popular stories move to the top because of user votes. Most of the time the users run the site and that is really what set it apart.

Just today though, someone cracked the lock on HD DVD videos. With this key HD DVDs can supposedly now be copied digitally. It is not illegal to find this code or post this code (can you copyright a series of numbers?) yet digg has been banning users and removing posts that contain this code. The reason for this censorship is that HD DVD is a  sponsor of Digg.com.

So I guess the real question is, what should the website do? Alienate a  very large sponsor, I think it’s Sony? Or should they destroy the trust with their biggest asset, their user base?

What would you do?

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