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Building a Brand = Losing Customers

Making your product name a Brand Name  means that your product has to stand for something.  The first corollary to this rule is that your product can’t stand for everything. Think about it.  Brands are just as much about the … Continue reading

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Reversing it Forward

Sometimes it takes absolutely nothing to make the greatest things happen. My friend had a really shitty car back in high school.  It was so bad that the Reverse didn’t work.  Even worse than “The Piece of Shit Car” song … Continue reading

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On Top of Their Game

I hate to admit it, but I must say that Coldplay has released a great CD.  I am totally not the type of guy to recommend (or even listen to ) a modern, mainstream band.  What started it all was … Continue reading

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The customer is sometimes wrong

In response to Lori’s comment. We don’t live in a perfect world.  Sayings like “The customer is always right” is a saying for a perfect world.  It doesn’t fit in the real world. The real world is a bit more … Continue reading

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Making Meaning

So you are working a job.  Purchasing, processing, marketing, managing, auditing or arguing.  Chances are your life’s work doesn’t much resemble what you think is your “life work”.  Of course the easy thing to do is justify this too yourself. … Continue reading

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Hey Neighbor

I have finally found it -> 2 Starbucks located directly accross the street from eachother. On 6th Avenue between 21 and 22 streets. One is located inside Barnes & Noble, but that still counts. I checked.

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