The same thing but different this time

I see Internet video as a very interesting and deep topic of discussion. Today I posted video to my blog for the first time and realized how amazingly simple it is to do so. I agree with Seth Godin when he says that anyone (that wants one) will have his own personal TV station in the future.

Right now Youtube is distributing video, but I think the future may turn youtube into more of a clearing house and the distribution will be handled by individuals.

With the introduction of cable in the early 80s it was possible to create niche TV channels, you didn’t have to appeal to the mass anymore. The networks got devoured bit by bit. ESPN, now a billion dollar business, was a crazy idea in 1980 – sports on television all day.

Video posting, for free mind you, married to extremely low cost production possibilities cuts these niches even thinner. The idea of the food network was crazy 10 years ago. How many people will watch people cooking on TV? Today the crazy idea equivalent is the Internet TV station that only features restaurants in the West Village. Sure there will be LESS people interested, the question is will there be enough people to make it worth it.

Here I am thinking about this post. (Not really me)


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