Reversing it Forward

Sometimes it takes absolutely nothing to make the greatest things happen.

My friend had a really shitty car back in high school.  It was so bad that the Reverse didn’t work.  Even worse than “The Piece of Shit Car” song by Adam Sandler that was popular at the time.

He didn’t mind that Reverse didn’t work.  He could always roll it down the driveway, or have his friends push him out of a parking spot.  When you are that age you just let things happen and make the best of them.  How often do you have to go backwards uphill?
Only one day near the end of summer the unbelievable happened.  All of a sudden Reverse worked.  He hadn’t tried to fix it or done anything special, it just worked.  No one could understand it or believe what happened.  It was just time for Reverse to work.

Yesterday this same friend (now a co-worker) had his computer crash at a critical time in our office.  He literally spent the entire day shutting down and restarting the computer.  It was almost certain that he would need to send the computer away for customer service.

Then the unbelievable happened again.  The computer automatically worked.

The computer got reversed forward.

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