On Top of Their Game

I hate to admit it, but I must say that Coldplay has released a great CD.  I am totally not the type of guy to recommend (or even listen to ) a modern, mainstream band.  What started it all was that damn WTC commercial. 

I have been listening to X&Y for the past 3 days straight – meaning this is a deep CD. It has it all melody, emotion and the lyrics are great. This is a great band in their prime. Period.

I can permanently delete this post at a later date, right?

Now that they have my endorsement I hope they can make some money. You know, turn their little artistic project into a viable brand – good luck guys.

Now that we got through that, what you really need to do is check out this great indie band, Bright Eyes. They are great. If you haven’t heard them yet, do it immediately.

Take a quick listen here.

And buy this CD as your first. It will be the easiest transition to real life.

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