Making Meaning

So you are working a job.  Purchasing, processing, marketing, managing, auditing or arguing.  Chances are your life’s work doesn’t much resemble what you think is your “life work”.  Of course the easy thing to do is justify this too yourself.

I am learning this is the surest way to be average and in a constant state of treading water.  I think that what you have to do is make meaning and turn your job into your life’s work.  You have to take who you are and make your job, company or function more like yourself.

The question is How?  If you are lucky you are in a small enough company or you have enough power to have an effect on direction.  And still the question is How?

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1 Response to Making Meaning

  1. loricat says:

    Just picked up a couple of shifts at a local big box retailer (ooh…surrounded by stationery — what fun!). The 18-year-old twit of a girl supposedly training me on cash (sink or swim method — quick run-through, then off making puppies somewhere else) says to me “Oh, the customers are so stupid! You’ll see.”
    “Honey,” I say, “You’re a customer sometimes too, remember.”
    I’m talking out my ear.

    Is giving bad service a symptom of the young? Is it only know? or was I as rude to customers when I was her age and at my first job? I don’t think so.

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