You Just Don’t Get It

That is my new favorite saying and a great one to throw around the office with recklace abandon.

“Why can’t we do the ASD tradeshow and the NYC?” -> You just don’t get it!

“I think we should go with XYZ representation in the Midwest” ->  You just don’t get it.

You have to be sure the words are sharp you can’t utter this phrase passively.  The phrase was spoken twelve times in 1 minute in my office, so be careful before you introduce it into the population.

The best thing about YJDGI is that there is no real comeback.  “Get what?” just proves the point.  “Yes I do” is easily transparent and false.  In fact the only relevant response is to show that you get it.  And by the time you can prove that, YJDGI will have fallen out of fashion.

Life and business has so many questions and uncertainties that I am positive You Just Don’t Get It.

Fortunately someone does get it, and I am now on his team.  Seth Godin is coming out with a new book, Small is the New Big and I am on the word of mouth team with BzzAgent.  I am hoping to “get it” in the near future.  I am also hoping for 2 things.
1.  Please purchase the book or at least check out his blog – you will thank me, or at least you will enjoy it.

2.  BzzAgent, Seth, can I please get a signed copy of the book?

Readers, check back to see if I “get it”

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1 Response to You Just Don’t Get It

  1. loricat says:

    Ya know, the whole BzzAgent thing is starting to annoy me. I’m a BzzAgent in theory, only once in fact. I think they’ve got a glut of agents (volunteers to be their research base, which is what they sell), to be able to market their services (“Hey look, we’ve got more agents than we’re ever going to need!”)…but they’re not building good relationships with the Agents. At least not the Agents in Canada.

    Every time I sign in, it’s like a slap in the face to see the invite for more people to sign up…but there doesn’t seem to be enough campaigns for the people they’ve already got.

    I don’t enjoy feeling like I’m stockpiled in a warehouse, waiting for my moment, but watching more and more stock come in every day.

    Thanks, Mike, for the rant space!

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