Hey Neighbor

I have finally found it -> 2 Starbucks located directly accross the street from eachother. On 6th Avenue between 21 and 22 streets. One is located inside Barnes & Noble, but that still counts. I checked.

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  1. mo says:

    Ha, in Seatte and the Greater Puget sound, they open stores (NOT inside supermarkets or bookshops either!!) directly across the street from each other, kitty corner from one another or one in the mall and then a kiosk stand on the same level about two doors down. From what the managers of these stores have told me, one store NEVER loses sales because another store has opened within a few feet of the existing store.

    Now, this IS Seattle so between the two Starbucks shops, you’ll find a Tullys, a Cafe Vita, a Diva Espresso and at least two other independent cafe’s with espresso bars inside where the baristas actually pull their own shots instead of just pressing a button (which incidentally working here at Microsoft we have these “iBrew” machines which have an iRonic name (Mr. Jobs anyone???) where we press a button and brew a regular, half calf or decalf short or tall cup of joe (or cocoa for that matter) on the fly). Our coffee fix is free. It’s not just soda juice and chocolate milk anymore.

    But I digress….I’m sick of Starclucks!!!!

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