Some Quotes on Personalization

Here is a rough draft of some of the quotes I am giving to InStyle magazine for a peice they are doing on personalization. I happen to sell a name product and I’m not sure, but somehow they found us.

The way it turned out writing these quotes really helped clear my mind. Writing 3 sentences at a time makes the weight of language and expressing cogent thoughts a little lighter. I should write like this more often; I’ll call these 3 sentence groups “paragraphs”.

But seriously for some reason writing quotes that I hope are decent make me look at things a bit differently. After each quote – in italics  Bold is quote, non- bld is brouchure- is what I would have written in a brouchure.

The way we look at it, we have one product specially designed for each person that walks in the store. From that perspective, the challenge then becomes creating color, design and layout to help the customer find his/her Namelet.

The specially designed rack attracts attention immediately. With an interactive name program like Namelets, the product can actually spread Word of Mouth and drive traffic to your store.

Of course name programs are an easily and visible specialization tool. Another rather obvious label is your zodiac sign. An upcoming trend is going to be more and different types of personalization.

Capitalizing on the large and diverse amount of personalization sweeping through retail, Namelets remains a top seller to its balance of trendy form and classic “Name” function.

With any product, service, brand, street or pretty much anything, there are going to be individuals that are huge fans. These are the people for whom you personalize it. These people are you best customers and probably your best marketers so its important to make stuff that’s just for them.

Everyone loves to hear the sound of their own name and of course their friends are going to ask where they got such a cool personal product.

If it is up to me (and I’m pretty sure that it is) there really isn’t a question as to which language is more fun and rewarding to write – and probably works better also. So why doesn’t everyone write less formally, less salesy and with a more original spin (at least for themeselves).

Is it the setting? approach? I think that’s it for me. What about for everyone else?

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