The New Max Barry Book

Here is a link to a Business Week article – How failure breeds success.

Not a bad article, but I think its a little dated even if dinasors like Coke are just admitting that they have made mistakes in the past. I think that everyone that can boot up a computer (and most people that can’t) have heard the expression “learn from your mistakes” so this quote is a little daunting.

Stefan H. Thomke, a professor at Harvard Business School and author of Experimentation Matters, says that when he talks to business groups, “I try to be provocative and say: ‘Failure is not a bad thing.’ I always have lots of people staring at me, (thinking) ‘Have you lost your mind?’ That’s O.K. It gets their attention. (Failure) is so important to the experimental process.”

HBS? I think they teach that at the community colleges now. Honestly, the radical thinking that an event (failure) traditionally percieved as horrible can have some redeaming qualities (learning) is not hip anymore. That is exactly the part of the speech where I would have asked for a refund.

If you do read the article you can’t help but hope this is fodder for Max Barry’s next book. You know the story about a corporation that jsut fails over and over again, but makes money by selling what they learned. Company is close.

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