Pretzles and Peanuts

I flew a discount airline on business this weekend.   All in all the experience was okay- for travel at least.  The flights were close to on time, we didn’t have any trouble in the air
(fingers crossed as I’m writing this on the plane) the staff was nice enough.  Will I ever fly this airline again?  I hope not. 

The only thing remarkable about the flight was a non-event regarding my expectations, packaging, and customer service which literally came down to peanuts. 

I understand it’s a discount, no-frills flight, but how much were you able to lower my ticket price by removing the 25 cent bag of pretzels?  How much did I notice?  Was it worth it? 

It’s just a fact of life that customers have expectations.  If you exceed expectations business should grow and word should spread.  If you only meet expectations – business dies slowly, and if you can’t even meet your customer’s expectations then you die quick. 

So if you happen to be in an unenviable race to the bottom make choices carefully.  Save money first where your customers won’t notice (your expense accounts) and don’t nickel and dime them.

Oh and by the way, in case you haven’t flown in the last 15 years – smoking is no longer allowed on airplanes – go figure.  This may come as quite a shock to you if you don’t see the no smoking signs every 5 feet in the airport and in every aisle of the plane.

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